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(This article is not written by Suara Veteran but was extracted from Kapt Tengku Zainal’s Facebook timeline. Kapt Tengku Zainal Abidin Tengku Yusoff was leading the plights of the 404 Armed Forces officers (SSC and Regulars) who were commissioned in 1972 after the Sheikh Abdullah Report. Suara Veteran is not responsible for the offensive language used in the article, however there are certain facts in their plights that Suara Veteran is interested in because it does have some links to why the present Armed Forces and Veterans are suffering now)




The beginning of this grand fraud was on 17th September 1963 Cabinet meeting when MAF was discriminated and excluded from the Royal Commission set up by Agong to review the salaries and conditions of service of the entire public sector under Article 132 of the newly amended Federal Constitution of the newly formed Malaysia.Singapore Armed Forces SAF at that time was part of MAF.PM Lee Kuan Yew did absolutely nothing to object to this blatantly unconstitutional act.MAF High Command under the leadership of British expatriate chiefs and our local CGS equally did not stand up to protest this fraud against MAF.

The Agong,the nine Malay Rulers and PM Tunku Abdul Rahman had been deceived and cheated too by DPM Tun Razak to approve this malicious and unconstitutional exclusion of MAF from the Royal Commission.PM Tunku later was pressured to resign on 22nd September 1970 after the bloody 13th May 1969 incident thus giving the full power to DPM Tun Razak to destroy MAF at will as the new PM.

On 27th July 1971 Tun Razak as the new Prime Minister and Defence Minister set up a Cabinet appointed committee known as Tan Sri Sheikh Abdullah Committee or TSAR to review the armed forces pay and terms of service.This inferior Committee was blatantly illegal,unconstitutional and created in bad faith principally to destroy the elite status of MAF officer corps.Nobody realised at the MAF high command that this grand move was to destroy MAF by PM Tun Razak and his PTD conspirators of KSN/KSU ranks.

The Report known as TSAR 1972 was first tabled by PM Tun Razak at the Cabinet meeting on 30th June 1972.On 11th July 1972 Cabinet meeting Tun Abdul Razak as the Prime Minister and Defence Minister again tabled TSAR and this time he fraudulently presented that MAF officers from the ranks of Second Lieutenant to General were receiving British Expatriate pay and status to deceive the King,Cabinet and Parliament to cut drastically the quantum of pay for all Malaysian Armed Forces officers from Officer Cadet to General including the Chief of the Armed Forces Staff by up to 30%.This was the fraudulent policy procured by him from the Cabinet with the active collaborations of five top PTD officers of chief secretary and permanent secretary grade to revise downward the concocted high Expatriate pay quantum and status with effect from 1st August 1972.The Cabinet approved without any dissent.Fraud was committed at the Cabinet to destroy MAF and all Cabinet ministers were collectively responsible on this date.

All officers from the ranks of Second Lieutenant up to General who had been receiving the Expatriate pay were allowed to continue receiving the Expatriate pay on Personal-to-Holder schème or PTH by which they collectively were able to retain the high Expatriate pay quantum.Was this not a treacherous and fatal bribery to induce MAF officers to betray the armed forces as an institution?PTH scheme was his cheating devise to blind all MAF officers from his strategic plan to destroy the elite status of its officer corps permanently post 1-8-1972.

What have happened to our institutional pride,honour and dignity to allow this treachery and betrayal to continue till today with absolute impunity and immunity?The Malaysian Armed Forces is not owned by officers and soldiers but by the nation, it is a national institution to defend the country.Officers come and go and their duty is to take care of the institution and never to betray this trust.The issue is the entire officer corps did collectively betray the MAF on 1st August 1972 by not standing up to the grand fraud committed by the Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak.When all prime ministers after him continued protecting his grand fraud the MAF high command had shown no guts,balls and fiery bellies to stand up to fight and redeem our trampled pride,honour and dignity since 1976.

The fundamental issue is the continuous inhumane treatment of 404 junior officers when they raised this gross injustice case on 23rd April 1980 to the then Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn.Tun Hussein Onn gave precedence to Tun Abdul Razak purely on kinship link as both married the two sisters daughters of Tun Noah.So he protected,preserved and defended the grand fraud of his brother-in-law Tun Abdul Razak.

Tun Dr Mahathir continued to protect this grand fraud purely on his lifelong and endless gratitude to Tun Abdul Razak for accepting him a half Indian to become a pure Malay fit to lead UMNO a Malay pure nationalist party.Tun Mahathir persona in UMNO itself is a designed fraud to protect this grand fraud for 100 years 1963-2063.Tun Abdul Razak as a brilliant strategist used Tun Dr Mahathir’s personal indebtedness and gratitude to him as his grand sentinel to protect,preserve and defend his grand fraud till eternity.

Tun Dr Mahathir should sever this fake gratitude for he has been a Malay all along albeit a constitutional one.Tun Abdullah and Datuk Seri Najib are just shit carriers of the three prime ministers and will appoint among their bloodlines as future prime ministers to protect this grand fraud.This grand fraud is the private agenda of Tun Razak and has been continuously defended and concealed by all the four prime ministers after him successively to degrade and neuter the armed forces permanently.Now Datuk Seri Najib is the Prime Minister and Dato’ Hishamuddin his cousin as the Defence Minister and the question is are both of them absolutely bent in protecting the grand fraud of their fathers Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Hussein Onn?

This treasonous abuse of power for their private interests must be checked by this last lawsuit at the Federal Court.Tun Abdul Razak had deliberately and fraudulently classified in his Cabinet paper that the 404 officer cadets and midshipmen were not serving officer and this had blatantly violated the military and naval law at that material time. It was made with a clear purpose of using them as a ploy to distract the grand fraud against the MAF as an institution from the King,Cabinet and Parliament.

The 404 officer cadets and midshipmen as a group was intended specifically to be used perpetually as tools of deception,fraud and concealment to permanently degrade and neuter MAF to become a totally insignificant institution devoid of any function of check and balance but as a mere security instrument subject to absolute orders.What comes from the Cabinet must go back to the Cabinet principle is applicable here and this all Prime Ministers from Tun Abdul Razak,Tun Hussein Onn,Tun Dr Mahathir,Tun Abdullah Badawi to Dato’ Najib Razak have continuously refused to revisit and retable this despicable Cabinet decision fearing that the genie in the bottle might escape and devour them dead or alive.

This is the greatest military debacle of all time for the Malaysian Armed Forces – losing an evil intellectual war without firing a single bullet! For the sake of our pride,honour and dignity we must not allow ourselves collectively to be used as their tools of fraud and deception perpetually?Are we ready now for a payback time against all the perpetrators of this evil injustice?

Long live the Mohicans ! Hidup Mohicans !

Tengku Zainal Abidin Tengku Yusoff

Captain (R)

Kuala Lumpur

Dated 3rd January 2018.

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